Info for Hirers/Service Providers

We have a number of spaces for hire that are well equipped with IT facilities.

Room Booking Charges

Rear Hall (Approximately 8.5m x 8.5m)

From £15 per hour

Large Hall/Church Multifunctional Space: (Approximately 10m x 13m)

From £15 per hour

JTE Office Space:

£9 per hour

Meeting Room:

£9 per hour


EXCLUSIVE USE: £5 per hour

SHARED USAGE: £2 per session              

Prices can be negotiated. A discount is available for charities/local community groups or long-term bookings.

Please contact us for more information.

We would love to hear from you about how your organisation can support people in our community to improve their employment opportunities. We would be keen to work with you to engage with local people who would benefit from your service.